Homemade Face Mask for Beautiful Skin

Low and behold, it’s the weekend! This week truly felt like it was never going to end.  I am convinced that it was a mixture of late night studying and chaotic early morning dashes to school that caused my skin and I to get into a fight. A fight that I lost! Luckily, I have created the perfect concoction that will end this battle once and for all.

I have spent the past two years of my life testing out every face mask on the market. I tried some from the Body Shop, Drugstores, Sephora and Lush! At the time, I was convinced that they made my skin better. However, that was not the case. They would 99.9% of the time be the reason behind my breakouts.

After this realization, I began doing research and realized that everything that could help my skin was in my kitchen! Since then, I have created an abundant of face masks to cater to specific skin problems.  Yesterday night I chose a mask that helps heal breakouts.
Not only will this mask quicken the length of the breakout, but it is also known to heal and prevent acne scars (It also exfoliates your skin!) This is my go to face mask and I really recommend trying it out! Use this mask once a week to see long term results.
What You Will Need
1 tablespoon of Pure Organic Honey
1/2 teaspoon of grounded Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of grounded Nutmeg
Mix it all together and apply a generous layer to your entire face, avoiding the eye area
I would recommend leaving this mask on for 10-30 minutes.  Then, wet your hands with warm water and rub your face in circulatory motions. This is where the exfoliation begins. When this step is finished, make sure that all of the mask is off your face. Pat it dry and apply a natural moisturizer all over your skin.

Before you apply it to your face, I recommend testing it out on your inner forearm to see how your skin reacts.
And now you’re all done! Let me know your thoughts on this homemade mask! Goodnight beautiful ❤
Lilly Comrie